Hospitality Team


Saturday -7PM | Sunday - 9AM Worship Service, 11AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 7PM Small Groups

    The Hospitality Ministry Team assists in the magnification and the multiplication of the gospel throughout DFW and to the ends of the earth by nurturing a warm, welcoming environment and catalyzing relational connections within the New Beginnings community.

    New Beginnings is blessed to have a wonderful group of women and men who serve on our Hospitality Ministry Team, Whether it's a wedding, funeral, Men's Meeting, Women's Meeting, or just a church dinner, you can count on these women and men to make and serve some delicious food!

    Hospitality Team Objectives: Oversee the Connection Center for all regular and special church services. This includes finding volunteers (to prepare the table, provide the coffee and any refreshments, or add special touches to the display), providing volunteers with the necessary information to prepare the Connection Center.